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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Reduce Your Electric Bill Easily

Make simple money-conscious choices, and watch the savings add up. You may be surprised at these simple tricks to reduce you electricity bill, but put them to the test yourself!
  • Instead of browsing through the latest news, or whatever you do on your full-size, perpetually plugged in desktop computer, use your laptop, which runs on battery life. Just remember to unplug it once it is completely charged, and you could save up to $30 each year.
  • Save up to $50 each year by reducing the amount of space in your home that is heated and cooled. How can you do that without demolishing the guest room? Simply keep your closet doors shut as much as possible.
Neither of these tricks requires any additional cost, maximizing the savings and keeping money in your pocket! Unless, of course, you do not have doors on your closets…

Searching for Savings

Everyone is saying that you need to save. However, you might be asking yourself where you're going to find the money. America Saves provides information about ways to save, here are a few examples:
  • Save $40 each month by choosing coffee over a cappuccino every work day.
  • Save $6 each month by drinking less soda (1 liter).
  • Save $60 each month by brown bagging every day.

Just those few savings add up to $1,272 per year!

When's It Time to Change Tires?

Tires are not designed to last the life of a vehicle. Daily wear and tear and general driving habits could cause tires to pass their prime faster. Here's how to know when to shop for new tires:
  • Look at the tread pattern on your tires. Once the tread wear bars are flush with the tire's tread, it's time to replace the tire.
  • Grab a penny and insert it into the tire tread, with Lincoln's head facing down. The tread should reach Lincoln's forehead. If his hair's showing, your tires are worn and must be replaced.
  • Pay attention to your vehicle. If you're losing traction or having trouble stopping, consider replacing your tires.

Three Ways to Drown Your Debt Before it Drowns You

Paying down debt when you're strapped for cash may be difficult, but it's not impossible. Follow these tips:
  • Pay off credit cards with the smallest balance. The immediate sense of victory keeps you motivated to stick to your debt-reduction plan for the long-term.
  • Use tax refunds to pay off small loans or debts. There's nothing more freeing than being debt-free - even if it only applies to one bill.
  • If income drops, drop your spending. Many people try to maintain the same standard of living on a lower income, creating more debt. Instead, cut your spending too. Living within your means now is less stressful than paying off piles of debt later.
  • Plan a budget. Creating a budget can show you where to cut back. Some online sites will do the budgeting for you.
  • Fight fees. Learning to negotiate with credit card and other companies can save you hundreds of dollars in fees a year.

Money-Saving Tips